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Whether your look is bold & glamorous or naturally-enhanced ("excuse me, are those your real lashes?) ;)  it is my specialty to create beautiful custom-tailored lash extensions (lash couture!) using ILLUMINO Extensions LED Lash Extensions suited to your image, lifestyle and vision.

Lash & Brow Hair Services

About Miriam

The eyes are everything...a single look can form a lasting impression. Eyes are how we connect with it is often said , "The eyes are the windows to the soul."  For me, beauty is a lifelong passion and, my "raison d'etre" as early as I can remember. Now, after two decades in the beauty industry, creating a peaceful sanctuary for transformation is my gift of love to bring into the world. My professional experience includes working on both the East & West Coasts in a variety of fashion show, theater, production set and upscale salon/spa settings.

Qualifications: I am a Board-Licensed Cosmetologist and Aesthetician with an A.S. in Natural Health, majoring in Paramedical Skin Care, as well as a Certified Image Consultant.  I am dual-certified as a Lash Extension Specialist by Xtreme Lashes (traditional Lash Extensions) and Illumino Extensions, (an exclusive and innovative LED Lash Extension technique & device. In addition, I have received personal, one-on-one hands-on training with Soo-Jin, the founder & inventor of Illumino at their HQ in Las Vegas, NV.) I am one of only three Illumino-Certified Lash Specialists in the State of Oregon. I approach beauty very holistically, taking both your total look AND lifestyle into account when designing the most beautiful frame to showcase your eyes - your eyelashes! I have 18+ years of experience and certification specializing in Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash & Brow Lamination.  The health of your eyes, the skin around your eyes and your natural eyelashes is very important to me.  Because of this, I use only medical-grade adhesive of the highest quality, with the fewest ingredients.

Additionally, as a fully-licensed Cosmetologist, I have continued my education through industry leaders such as CULT + KING, PRAVANA, and REDKEN. With regard to hair services, I specialize in razor cutting & classic hairstyles for all genders.

I chose to name my studio thusly, as I have always loved butterflies, because life is a journey, and they remind us that it's never too late to transform ourselves!