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Cancellation Policy
Non refundable: 100% of appointment due if there is cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, with the exception of COVID-19 symptoms or positive test.


Lamination + Tint

70mins | $100

A service which chemically lifts, tints, refines, defines and reshapes your brows, giving a fuller, fluffier, youthful look! This semi-permanent service lasts up to 6 weeks. Daily styling is recommended after the service, using Elleeplex, which is available for purchase at your appointment.

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Shaping & Tint

45 min | $65

Shaping and Tinting service involves removing stray brow hairs for a natural, more arched shape, and then colored with a gentle vegetable based tint to the shade you desire. Color lasts UP TO a month, gradually fading so there is no "grow-out".

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30mins | $25
(TWEEZER shaping, removing stray hairs for a cleaner look, NO TINTING)

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Brow Tint (Only)

30mins | $45

Brow tint is applied within the borders of your existing brow shape for a fuller darker look. This service does not include shaping. The color lasts up to a month. You must refrain from wetting them for 4 hours following the service.

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Hair Services


Facial Treatments

These oil-free facial treatment masques are moisturizing, soothing and Hypoallergenic, and contain plant-based Collagen, Colloidal Gold, and Hyaluronic Acid for soft, smooth, refreshed skin with no greasy feeling! They are $20 additional to your service, and are applied before your eyes are closed for your lash service. ** If you are receiving a facial/esthetic service, you are not required to wear a mask on top of this treatment because it interferes with proper placement and execution.**

Hand Treatments

These luxurious hand treatments utilize Coconut milk and Hyaluronic Acid for soft, smooth, deeply moisturized hands and nails. They are $15 additional to your desired service.